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Digital artwork projected on a building wall.

Our Team

Arts for All has a robust and dedicated team comprised of full-time staff, graduate assistants, artist and designer-in-residencies and advisory council members.


Portrait of Craig Kier

Craig Kier

Director, Arts for All

Support Staff

Portrait of Katherine Brandt

Katherine Brandt

Portrait of Mary Loutsch

Mary Loutsch

Digital Experience Coordinator
Portrait of Aryan Asawa

Aryan Asawa

Graduate Assistant, Arts for All
Portrait of Anna Kelleher

Anna Kelleher

Graduate Assistant, Arts for All

Artist and Designer-in-Residencies

Portrait of Ari Melenciano

Ari Melenciano

Arts for All Artist-in-Residence, Spring '24
Portrait of Hannah Smotrich

Hannah Smotrich

Arts for All Designer-in-Residence, Spring ‘24

Driskell Center

Portrait of Cléa Massiani

Cléa Massiani

Graduate Assistant, Driskell Center
Portrait of Lillian O'Brien Davis

Lillian O'Brien Davis

Driskell Prize for Creative Excellence

Arts for All Dean's Advisory Council Members

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