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October 14, 2022

Arts Amplification Symposium

Students explore room filled with digital artwork.

Location: 6137 McKeldin Special Events Room, McKeldin Library

In the spring of 2022, President Pines’ campuswide arts initiative issued its first call for faculty-led collaborative arts research and teaching projects. Three teams were awarded funds to explore cross-disciplinary projects that use artistic and creative thinking to enrich our research and teaching. This symposium will feature presentations from each team about their collaborative, interdisciplinary work as well as time to think about new projects for the second round of funding in spring 2023. A light lunch will be provided.

All members of the University of Maryland community are invited to hear from:

“STEAM Rising: Exploring the Fusion of Art and Technology to Build a More Equitable Society”
Heather-Erin Bremenstuhl, College Park Scholars (Arts)
Harold F. Burgess, College Park Scholars (Arts)
David Tomblin, College Park Scholars (Science, Technology and Society)

“Dance2: Interactive Dance Performance through On-body Wearable Robot and Crowd Participation
Huaishu Peng, Department of Computer Science Adriane Fang, School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies
Jonathan D. Martin, Immersive Media Design

“Rooting Our Shared History in Shared Places: Immersive Platforms as Sites of Commonality Where Stories We (Should) Hold in Common can be Located, Liberated, and Told"
Henry Duval Gregory, The Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture
Stefan Francis Woehlke, Historic Preservation Program


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